Install Python 3 in CentOS 7

Compile Python 3.6.9 from source in CentOS 7. September 2019

First, we will choose the type of installation. One option is a quick installation, and another option is a compilation from source.

1) Quick installation

Install Python 3:

yum install python3

Test Python 3:

python3 -V

This command will print python version.

Next read the "How to compile Python 3.6.9 from source in CentOS 7" article.

Written by: Askar Azhibaev.

PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions

How to compile PCRE 8.33 in Windows XP. September 2019

1) Download PCRE 8.33 build scripts

Download file pcre-8.33_win32.zip (300 Kb).

MD5: f231a7b0afcfff2c55d5d3bc5595847c

The archive contains build scripts and precompiled PCRE library with test programs.

2) Download PCRE 8.33 source

Download file pcre-8.33.zip (2 Mb) from the pcre.org official site.

Download PCRE 8.33
Figure 1. Folder with downloaded PCRE 8.33 zip archives.

3) Unzip archives

Right click on archive and select Extract All command.

Unzip PCRE 8.33
Figure 2. Right click PCRE 8.33 zip archive and select Extract All.

Extraction Wizard dialog will appear.

Extraction Wizard
Figure 3. Extraction Wizard.

Click the Next button.

Type C:\ in the field "Files will be extracted to this directory".

Extraction Wizard
Figure 4. Select a Destination.

Click the Next button.

Extraction Wizard
Figure 5. Extraction Complete.

Click the Finish button.

The directory contains build script make and Visual Studio 6 makefiles.

The directory PCRE 8.33
Figure 6. The PCRE 8.33 directory with build scripts.

The Release directory contains libpcre static library and test programs.

The directory PCRE 8.33
Figure 7. The PCRE 8.33 Release directory with programs.

Repeat the steps to unzip other archive to the same directory.

Unzip PCRE 8.33
Figure 8. Right click PCRE 8.33 zip archive and select Extract All.

The directory contains PCRE 8.33 sources.

The directory PCRE 8.33
Figure 9. The PCRE 8.33 directory with sources.

4) Compile library

Double-click on make.bat file.

You must have installed Visual Studio C++ 6.0 or later version.

Compile PCRE 8.33
Figure 10. Double-click make build script.

Or type make in command line.


Compile PCRE 8.33
Figure 11. Run make build script from command line.

You can download previous version of precompiled PCRE library.

Screenshots are used with permission from Microsoft.

Written by: Askar Azhibaev.

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