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The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element

The "Multipassport" is inspired by the film "The Fifth Element"

Korben Dallas and Leeloo Korben Dallas and Leeloo
David and Leeloo Korben Dallas and Leeloo Dallas and Leeloo Leeloo shows Multi Pass


Multipassport Multipassport

This is a PNG image, used for authentication instead of using a username and password. Developed in 2010 by FUNtaste. Title "Multipassport" is inspired by the film "The Fifth Element".

How it works

Registration data is printed on the template PNG image, such as Name, Last Name, Company Name. The special watermarks may also be added to create a unique PNG image, which is transmitted to the user. The MD5 hash of the PNG image is stored on a server.

The user upload PNG image to the server for authentication. The server computes the MD5 hash of the PNG image. If the MD5 hash is found in the database, then the authentication is considered successful.


  • No need to remember password
  • Very hard to find by brute
  • Instant registration and authentication
  • It is convenient to use


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