PCRE 8.33 win32
PCRE 8.33 win32 library

This is Perl compatible regular expressions library for win32. Supports Windows XP, 98 SE.

PCRE 8.33 source code from http://pcre.org

You can download PCRE 8.33 lib (static library) for Windows XP or Windows 98 SE. Instructions for self compile with MS Visual C++ 6.0 included.

Download link

pcre-8.33_win32.zip (300 KB)

System: Windows XP, 98 SE

MD5: F231A7B0AFCFFF2C55D5D3BC5595847C pcre-8.33_win32.zip

PCRE Central


Link: http://s-m-s.tv/PCRE

PCRE Central

There are new page for PCRE precompiled libs for Windows, tutorials and samples. Click link.


Link: http://s-m-s.tv/PCRE_8.10_Windows_XP

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